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Agility® Heat
Transfers that Hold Firm

Sporting apparel has to work as hard as the athletes who wear it. And every heat transfer has to handle the stretches, slides and impacts of sport.

That’s why our range of Agility® Heat Transfers are engineered for peak performance. They’re stretchable yet sturdy, and stand firm in the face of competition.

They offer unrivalled flexibility and durability. Because players need to focus on pushing themselves to the limit, knowing their transfers will keep pace.

Our industry expertise means we can supply custom creations and unique special effects. So whether it’s a name or number, you can rest assured that every heat transfer will hold its own.

Avery Dennison Agility® Heat Transfers are:

Versatile Works on a wide range of fabrics.

FlexibleWeathering every kick, trip and tackle with exceptional stretch and recovery.

PersonalizedHighly customizable, with design options and special effects available.

ComfortableAbsolutely no compromise on comfort with an exquisitely soft hand-feel and unrivaled sweat-reducing breathability.

Eco-friendlyMeeting stringent RSL compliance and optimized to minimize environmental impact.

DurableWash resistant up to 60˚C / 140˚F. Withstands temperatures up to 160˚C.

Custom Made

Our custom-made embellishments stand out and stand firm. Crafted through advanced production techniques, they power through every performance. Each design tells your unique story, and stands as a symbol of your sporting glory. That’s why they’re favoured by Europe’s premier football teams and athletes.

From names and numbers to badges and beyond, our creative experts help bring your ideas to life. Because high-definition heat transfers and woven badges aren’t just what you display on the outside. They embody everything your team stands for on the inside

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