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Hackney Wick FC
A Positive Impact On & Off The Pitch

Hackney Wick FC is not your regular football club. Their ethos is based on community engagement, uniting local diverse groups as well as battling peer pressure and tackling gang influences.

Founded by Bobby Kasanga in 2015, the club is Hackney’s first semi professional football club in nearly a century. Hackney Wick FC contacted Nike, who agreed to produce a limited run of jerseys for the club. After selling out of the jerseys almost immediately, Nike then produced another batch. The jerseys were retailed on Nike’s Jersey Shop.

Avery Dennison were delighted to offer badges and sponsor logos to Hackney Wick FC as a goodwill gesture, to support the club and the community they operate in. The jerseys were designed by children of the Hackney Wick area, and feature the Avery Dennison logo on the sleeve.

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