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Sports Streetwear With Seoul

Nivelcrack is a Seoul-based performance-wear brand, creative studio and football team with a passion for the global game. Their designs mix head-turning football fashion with street credibility, appealing to those who want to be noticed, both on and off the pitch. The recent streetwear and sportswear collaboration with Umbro dropped in July as a capsule collection of jerseys, tracksuits, hoodies, and accessories. The designs blend Nivelcrack’s graphic hexagon and black / grey colorway with Umbro’s signature double diamond patterns. To support the collection, Avery Dennison produced a number of core branding and external embellishments, and the collection launched at HEIGHTS; a pop-up concept store in Seoul.

Nivelcrack, which means ‘level of top footballer’ in Spanish, regularly collaborate with clubs and brands worldwide. Sharing a desire to stay authentic, they partnered with Red Star FC - one of the oldest and most iconic clubs in Paris. It’s an underground, romantic club with a history drenched in love, respect and humility. To add extra credibility, the collaborative Red Star FC kits feature sponsorship from Adidas and Vice, alongside a range of branding and embellishments produced by Avery Dennison. Not just about winning, Red Star stands for freedom, originality and natural credibility; beliefs we’re proud to support.

With the new season on the horizon, Nivelcrack are gearing up to launch their new league kits. From designers to photographers, chefs to artists, their team is made up of ordinary people with an extraordinary love for the sport, and the style. As a supporter of their communal, collaborative ethos, we jumped at the chance to get involved. Avery Dennison produced the kit’s signature crest with a metallic finish. Because we share Nivelcrack’s vision to make football as accessible, creative and diverse as possible. And it’s this creative approach, collaborative nature and cutting-edge styling that’s marking out Nivelcrack as a team with an exciting future.

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