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Make light work
of high performance

Because success doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Precision Reflective heat transfers are engineered for athletes that shine, day and night. Soft, stretchable and above all safe, they outshine and outperform the competition.

Produced with laser-cut definition, Precision Reflective transfers boost reflectivity in low light. With a CD LUX of 500 before and after wash, they’re the highest performing reflective transfers in the industry today. They have an ultra-soft hand-feel and excellent stretch and recovery. Plus they’re easily applied and prevail wash after wash.

Versatile, great value and eco-friendly, it’s easy to see why so many industries have taken a shine to Precision™ Reflective.

Our Precision Reflective heat transfers are:

Eye-Catching Get maximum visibility and candlepower, created using advanced heat transfer technology

DurableEngineered to remain reflective even after repeated washes, with resistance up to 60˚C / 140˚F.

ComfortableRefuse rigid activewear with the soft hand-feel of Precision™ Reflective heat transfers.

EconomicalUsing the latest developments in low-light visibility to ensure the highest performance at a lower cost.

Eco-friendlyReduced wastage with sustainable laser-cutting production methods.

Custom Made

Our custom-made embellishments stand out and stand firm. Crafted through advanced production techniques, they power through every performance. Each design tells your unique story, and stands as a symbol of your sporting glory. That’s why they’re favoured by Europe’s premier football teams and athletes.

From names and numbers to badges and beyond, our creative experts help bring your ideas to life. Because high-definition heat transfers and woven badges aren’t just what you display on the outside. They embody everything your team stands for on the inside

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