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The Crest Collection
Housing Our Top Partnerships

Avery Dennison always puts their customers first. It is this ethos that lead us to the creation of The Crest Collection.

Many brands approach Avery Dennison to learn about the newest techniques or the most premium materials for their badges and embellishments. And we know, in the world of garment embellishment, it’s not always that easy to keep your trims organised!

The Crest Collection can house 50 badges, labels and hangtags. Customers can populate their collections with curated badges that are sent to the Collection owners each season. Each pack of badges showcase our new techniques and materials, and they are designed together with our collaborative partners.

The first edition of badges were produced in collaboration with The Soho Warriors, a London based creative agency. Other editions include badges for the Toffee League, a Portland based community football tournament involving multiple creative agencies, and a Brand Protection pack, that housed examples of how brands can engineer anti-counterfeit features into their products.

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