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Toffee League
Welcome To The Weird

The beautiful game. The weirdest league. Beyond soccer, the Avery Dennison Toffee League is a social club. It’s the place where Portland’s creatives swap the agency pitch for the soccer pitch. And where sport collides with style, fun and eccentricity. Unusually, it’s a league where cool, customized kits matter as much as the final score. And where bespoke badges show off each team’s true personality. Made up of passionate amateurs, the Toffee League celebrates the artistic side of soccer. Yes it’s competitive, but it’s about community and creativity.

Clearly, when a collective of creatives get on the pitch, it’s important to look good. So each team set about carefully creating their own stylised crest to adorn their jerseys. No bog-standard badges here, instead each crest became a badge of creative honor. The quirkier the better. The weirder, the more wonderful. These badges bring the teams together, and the Toffee League brings the teams together. It’s become a community of like-minded creatives who love to compete and play football each weekend. It’s a space to share passions and come together, on and off the pitch.

The Avery Dennison Toffee League is about more than games and goals. It’s about community, even when the soccer stops and the final scores come in. The Toffee League teams are creatives, artists and artisans, but above all - lovers of the game. They’re united in their creativity, eccentricity and uniquely Portland outlook on life. It’s a tournament full of fun and friendship, played by amateurs who live, think and work outside the box. And it’s a weirder world we’re proud to be part of.

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